Scope of Services

A. Manpower Planning and Personnel Management

PT. MEGA AGUNG SEJAHTRA will ensure the manpower supply to the employer is in good (physically and mentally) so they will give maximum contribution to this and can be achieved by implementing a good recruitment and employee on, training and development, reasonable wage and salary, etc. and we will also include other services that will benefit to both the employee and the employer, such as welfare, safety, etc.

B. Manpower Supply Service

This service is aimed to provide the requisite human resources with qualification level in accordance to the requirements of the User Company. The procedure for this service is as follow :

  • The client directly submits a requirements to our company by telephone, facsimile, E-mail and/or even visit our office for inspection.
  • The prospective workers are fully processed (Recruitment and Selection) by PT. MEGA AGUNG SEJAHTRA and the client company can conduct a second selection by interview to guidance before hire or send crews to joining vessel.
  • The worker hired belongs to the client but we will be taking full responsibility to the client.