Duties and Responsibility

1. Company Client
  1. To provide job instruction, duty and responsibilities to the workers who are managed by PT. MEGA AGUNG SEJAHTRA based on their obligations which with arrange in the signed working agreement provided by User’s Company.
  2. To give fully specification requirements to PT. MEGA AGUNG SEJAHTRA of all positions required.
2. Company Management

PT. MEGA AGUNG SEJAHTRA will conduct recruitment, placement and management of the workers placed in the User’s company.

  1. Supervising and monitoring of the workers managed by PT. MEGA AGUNG SEJAHTRA.
  2. Will strictly comply with the contract with respect to all cost issues, crew departure expenses, accommodation facilities, insurance, wages and all matters in accordance with the contract.
  3. We continuously develop the qualities of seafarers for the management purpose of the user company or for the success of management.

The advantages acquired by the User Company trough this cooperation are :

  • Focus on this Core Business.
  • To Increase productivity, Efficiency and work ethics.
  • Reduce their cost and budget for advertisement, recruitment and manpower training.
  • Easy to increase the workers due to company’s productivity occurs.