PT. MEGA AGUNG SEJAHTRA is always looking for cooperation with local and international companies. Some of our cooperation partners include :

  • Lubeca (Manila)
  • Al-Mojil (Dhahran)
  • Nico World (Dubai)
  • China Shipping (China)
  • Barwill Line (Dammam)
  • Hadi H. AlHammam (Dammam)
  • SOEIL Marine (Korea)
  • Saudi Fisheries Company (Dammam)

We are also offering to our client to employ good quality of manpower service of the highest standard with the potential human resources. We will constantly strive to provide you the best services and full responsibility for management system. Our motto is “Transparency, Responsibility, Flexibility, and Open Mind”. With the spirit in mind, we offer our best cooperation to our business partners.

We open the widest possible cooperation with ship companies or similar companies that require crew, if you are interested we are happy to invite you to cooperate with us by filling out the cooperation form via